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my 12 year old daughter just had her blood drawn for wellness. A dr. called us back saying she has a high platelet count of 1,4

Posted by stevehill13

We took our daughter in cause she had been complaining of heart cramps.  The xrays showed nothing unusual and they took a blood test to check her thyroid.  Well they called back about this platelet count being high.  My wife is very scared losing numerous family members to cancer and when they mentioned that her world crashed.  I just dont know the questions to ask the doctor and dont want to go in blind.
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Hello,Dear steve.

I have been suffering from blood disorder for last more than 7 years in which my palatellets and other cells increase. I am being given hydrea capsuls. I am living a normal life, go to my office and do my job. For only platellets disorder, there is a more suitable medicine but it is not available in my country. If u are in Europe or in a country where it is available ur daughter might be advised by the doctor to take that medicine. Polycythemia is not a dangerous disease at all. However, care must be taken and medicine must be used according to Doctor's advice. Be cool and relaxed. Tell our sister(ur wife) to be relaxed and encourage ur daughter to live a happy and normal life. If ur moral goes down she will die not because of this minor disease but she will lead a dead life because of death-fear. I am avaiable for any sort of information that might be helpful to u. My email adress is Feel free to contact me any time.

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