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Moving on Up (Well, Down)

Posted Nov 03 2008 9:03pm

We got moved "up" from the third floor (ICU) to the second floor (solid tumor unit), which is the first step toward the hoped-for goal of Vivienne being able to go home for a couple of days before her next chemo.

Vivienne is still having some significant but manageable side effects from chemotherapy: she has oral mucositis (minimally), her tummy hurts and she throws up a lot, her counts are down (but well above the threshhold for neutropenia) and her hemoglobin is down. These are all normal, routine chemo side effects.

So here is what we can (and will) do about all of this! We have given morphine to make the sores in her mouth stop hurting. Poor Vivi was crying in her sleep last night, and Mommy (sleeping by her side) barely slept a wink for cuddling and comforting the Sweet One. So, we have some lidocaine mouthrinse we might be able to give her. For her tummy, we have several options: Ativan, which as I keep saying is the only thing that does help, Zofran, Benadryl, and Decadron. We are doing everything we can to keep the nausea to a minimum so Viv can rest comfortably. She will get some blood today, and the last time she got blood she perked up significantly and really felt much better. So that will take care of the hemoglobin with no trouble for Her. Finally, she will get another G-CSF shot (which is given in her Hickman Line), which will stimulate her body to produce more white blood cells and raise her count.

So, while our Queenling doesn't feel all that great today, we are taking really good care of her. She has Mommy and Daddy with her now, and her very favorite nurse today - Mary. Granddad and Uncle George and Uncle Mike will come and see her, too. We have some Sesame Street music videos for her to watch when she wakes up.

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