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Mouth Sores and Chemotherapy. How Can I Fix them?

Posted Apr 29 2009 5:26pm

Thank you for the info. A new condition has developed, awful mouth sores or cankers from the chemo. Do you know of any natural remedies for these sores?



Hi Will -

Sorry to hear about the mouth sores. Those are very common and can be helped.

The L-Glutamine which I talked about to assist your colon and Folinic acid are also very helpful in preventing mouth sores. There is much research about low glutamine and low folic acid causing mouth sores from chemotherapy.

Taking L-glutamine and folinic acid daily has shown to prevent and reduce the days of mouth sores.

It is important to continue taking L-glutamine and folinic acid for 2 weeks after chemotherapy stops as toxicity of the chemo remains and may cause further mouth sores.

Dealing with the immediate mouth sores:
- take 2 grams of glutamine and mix with filtered water.
- swish all around your mouth. If swishing hurts, then do it slowly or simply move your head side to side ensuring that the solution touches all areas of the mouth's mucosa.
- do this for 1 minute or you feel you have to swallow.
- repeat a few times a day.

Research shows people who do the l-glutamine swish have a major reduction in the duration of mouth sores.

Here is a great research article on L-glutamine:

There is a patent-pending nutrient protocol for treating stomatitis and mouth sores in oncology patients.

An excerpt from the article:
"1. A method of alleviating stomatitis, mucositis and cachexia associated with oncology treatment in a patient comprising administering to said patient in need thereof a daily regimen which comprises, (a) at least one dose of an oral composition in unit dosage form which consists essentially of L-glutamine, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and optionally a carbohydrate source, administered at least two times a day; and (b) at least four glutamine lozenges administered throughout the day wherein about 2 to about 2.5 grams of glutamine is present in each of said lozenges.

beginning 4-7 days prior to said treatment and continuing through said treatment."

Given the information from the article, you may consider doing the mouth rinse/swish three (3) times a day with the following nutrients:
Please note that these are suggested amounts and not a prescription. Your physician must determine the proper amounts:
- L-glutamine 2 grams
- 50,000 IU Vitamin A
- 400 IU Vitamin E
- 1 gram of Vitamin C
- 200 mcg selenium
- 45 mg zinc
- 20 billion beneficial flora (acidophilus)

The article discussing the other nutrients is lengthy with quite a bit of information - scroll down once you are here:

Here is a great resource on Alternative Treatments for Mouth Sores:

The article talks about using Chamomile to alleviate mouth sores which I fully agree with. Make a very potent chamomile tea by placing 2 tea bags in a small amount of water. Steep for 10 minutes covered. Then swish and swallow. Repeat a few times daily.

All supplements which I have suggested which may help relieve and prevent mouth sores is here:

You may consider looking at Dr Moss's website:

Should you have further questions, please do ask.

I have to stress the fact that in order to get the optimum oncology care, cancer patients must work with a naturopathic physician who specializes in oncology along side an Oncologist. These two physicians together make a great team.

There are Oncologists who enjoy working with Naturopathic Physicians and there are others who will not even consider it. Find an Oncologist who is open to working with a naturopathic physician. Contact to find a naturopathic physician or ask your Oncologist which naturopathic physician they enjoy working with.

In health,
Dr Ben

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