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Money more important than MOM

Posted Sep 26 2011 11:52pm
What can I really say
My mother had heart surgery in Feb, since then, she was living with my so called father. He has always mistreated her , her whole life. Unfortunately she fell and broke her hip. That day I went over in a panic
called 911. I told my father that day, when she is ready to leave the hospital, I am taking her in, and if you refuse or make a fuss, I will hire a lawyer.
Mom had her hip surgery.... I told social worker at hospital to make arrangements for hospital bed, etc in order for her to move in with me. My wonderful asshole brother stopped the proceedors, and now been weeks of me freaking out, going thru chemo,dealing with my moms unhappiness, all due to GREED.
YES GREED, my brother, sister and father refuse to let her live with me....Lawyer searching, notary ...Its been more than a headache. I see my mother suffer dearly and there is nothing I can do.
My father stole my mothers money and still wants more.
I am tired.................need help in getting my mom out of that hospital, family decided without me to place her in a old folks home
I will not STOP till she is with me
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