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Mission Completed

Posted Oct 06 2009 10:03pm
Today I went in bright and early to Vascular Radiology to get my port removed and then a new one. I loved the team that did it! They were all so nice and were all saying how they were going to fix me :O) I am pretty sore and I definitely should have rested like instructed instead of unpacking things...but I am a bit stubborn at times. I am a bit nervous about them attempting to use the port tomorrow during chemo. The nurse said that they can use it but I think it is going to just be way to tender, so maybe they will do an IV. I got my blood work done today and I am anxious to see what my counts were to see how much the chemo effected me. I felt pretty good up until Friday night. I slept most of the day and got a little nauseous that night & Saturday morning into the afternoon. I seem to be a bit sensitive to smells after chemo.

I had swallow therapy on Monday and I got up to 14.5. Much better than the 20.5 I thought I was at! I do have feeling in my neck! Woo Hoo! Apparently my pain meds that I had taken Friday morning were still working that afternoon and I didn't feel a thing!

My PEG had been feeling much better! I had not been flushing it since the nurses said not to (after asking 3 times!) Kelly my nurse for chemo on Wednesday said I needed to flush with 30mg of water at least once a I started doing that Wednesday and by Sunday things were much better! That whole pinching from the inside out feeling has let up and the healing on the flesh wound is slowly getting better!! There is a pretty deep wound and I am thinking about going to another doc and getting his opinion on sutures. The doc tghat I have seen like 4 times now for it, neither Nick or I are too fond of ...I will post pic at very bottom & it is pretty up close & personal...not for a weak tummy!

As mentioned on my other blog, my tasted buds aren't cooperating. I thing that by the end of the week they will be in full hiding. My saliva is still pretty thick when it is around...the dry mouth isn't too bad and is relieved at the moment with water, and lots of it. I am trying to drink lots...I also am supposed to rinse my mouth with a baking soda, salt water mix 4 times a day. I am lucky to get in 2. I just forget. But the radiation oncologist says it is a must & will help with the dry mouth/thick saliva. Mondays is the day I meet with the RO to let them know how things are going. On Monday she said things looked good other than she was concerned with the 6lb weight loss. I informed her that I had been scarfing down everything in sigh the mast 2 months...and that I had stopped doing that (except for the occasional craving) and that I would probably stop loosing the weight once I got to my normal weight, only about 2 lbs to go.

Here are some pics of my neck 2 months post surgery (the bandages are from my new port today)

Here is some pics of my PEG (compliments of Em)the hole was caused from the stopper being turned horizontally and too tight digging into my tummy

Wish me luck with chemo tomorrow and happy healing on this port!!

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