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Maybe if I type some more, my hands will warm up?

Posted Jan 06 2004 12:00am
Hasn't worked so far!

Yesterday was massively busy but all went well, kids' first day back at school, getting the van in & out of the shop (grrrr, more later), and picking up Mom at the airport.

Today I got to be a little more lazy than usual, as DH had an appointment this morning and so took both DS1 and DD to school, which was a nice break.

Haven't done much, really, and I'm freezing for no good reason, except maybe I need to eat? Hmmm. That's a possibility.

Anyway, things are going well. It's just as well I haven't been writing because I would just be doing more bitching about a certain friend... not that anyone here even knows who she is, but I can't get over the feeling that I shouldn't be gossiping like that, even in my journal! Talk about over-active guilt tendencies!

Still, what do you say about someone who just comes right out and says (of a family she is friends with), "I wish the kids looked more like their father, it's too bad they look just like their mother. She is so ugly!" ? I mean, what can you say? It's hopeless.

I am very happy that my fruitcake got the "Mom Seal of Approval", which really means a lot to me, as she has been making the real (amazingly, awesomely delicious) thing for years.

Still have yet to get to bed BEFORE midnight, last it was 12:15 just because I dawdled in my getting-ready-for-bed routine. The night before was something similar. I started about 11:30. Honestly, it shouldn't take me 45 minutes to get ready for bed, I don't really do all that much (brush, floss, put in my retainer, Express-daily-facial, moisturizer, toilet). I just need to stop dilly-dallying around!

Oh well, even though I've yet to meet my resolution, I'm still going to keep trying.

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