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Major Networks Ignore Needs Of Young Adults With Cancer (Thanks Hollywood Elite People Who Don't Get It!)

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:46pm
In case anyone lives in a cave, the major networks have teamed up in an "historic collaboration" to unite for a TV special this September to raise funds for cancer research, that magic bullet word that gets everyone juiced to make a difference.

Check out the original article on and see where it al began.

They've launched this hypercluttered and obsequious national campaign called Stand Up 2 Cancer which whores out all of the usual celebrity suspects to pit culture against disease. Morgan Freeman, Toby McGuire, Christina Ricci and more are all re-posterchildizing themselves to rally the nation around "the end of cancer begins now" like some magic fairy dust Disney character will wave a wand and *poof* it will be all gone.

Nom nom nom nom nom.

The best part?

There is not a single pediatric, adolescent or young adult organization listed amongst their partners, resources or beneficiaries!


Not one.

WTF, man?

How much longer will we be ignored by the establishment?


(1) Cancer incidence in young adults has doubled over the past 20 years to nearly 70,000 diagnosis each year.*

(2) Cancer survival rates in young adults have not improved over the past 30 years. (The #1 reason being delayed diagnosis.)

(3) Roughly 10,000 young adults die each year due to cancer, the leading disease-killer in this population. *

(4) Psychosocial research (quality-of-life) is tantamount to biological research ³ and the notion of survivorship vs 'cure'. *

(5) The #1 social issue faced by young adults is isolation. *

(6) The medical community at large is grossly uneducated as to how to effectively communicate, treat and follow-up with young adults. *

*source: Closing The Gap, National Cancer Institute 2006

*source: Caring For The Whole Patient: Institute of Medicine 2007

And Here's Even More Fodder For Your Noodle

– There are currently 0 cancer research projects targeted for young adults

– Billion dollar cancer societies have not demonstrated an interest in supporting young adults with cancer.

The fact that young adult groups were completely and summarily ignored by the organizers of this campaign is a perfunctory slap in the face to millions of GenX'ers and GenY'ers. Yeah, the boomers and the seniors get pretty much all the cancer but – HEY! – we're your kids, your nieces, your nephews and your grandchildren. Shouldn't you take a minute to think about us for a change? For Christ's sake. you're eligible for mammagrams and colonscopies. We ain't. You don't need to worry about your fertility. We do.

I am so sick of being ignored. It's 12 years since I was diagnosed. Twelve frieken years and it's like nothing's changed.

Nothing has changed.


3) One in 10 cancer survivors is under 40.

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