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Lymph nodes on throat swollen for 5 mos now sore I have a thyroid nodule as well

Posted by Elicia

I have lupus. i have hypothyroid I have thyroid nodule. The nodule has been there 1 yr and 2 mos. I have lymphnodes swollen now for 5 months. They just became sore. The nodule is on right side lumph nodes on left. I also have a mass on left breast that was thought to be fibrosystic breast. I am 25 yrs old. Please help. I just hopw it aint some type of cancer. I do not have insurance and have tried going to Dr but can not afford it they will not see me any more. I went to 2 free clinics but it is "beyond their expertise" they said I need tyo see a specialist they refer me to one but I cabt psy so they wont see me. Applied for medicaid I make 500 too much a month to get it.
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