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Lung Nodules

Posted by TexasDanielle

Hello!  I took some time today to try and answer questions I have concerning lung nodules.  I happened to stumble across this site and decided to see if anyone might have some answers or be able to steer me in the right direction. 

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Melanoma last was surgically removed and the Oncologist gave me an all clear...yeah!  I did have a work up after seeing him because my original visit to the doctor not only had to do with the growing freckle...but sudden and pinching chest pain on my left side only...which was followed by under arm numbness and "tingling" that has remained in the left hand fingers.

A CT was done and a nodule was found in my LUL.  It was 8 mm and noted as having "punctate" calcification.  Another scan was done in November (previous in August).  This scan noted the 8mm still in LUL...and another 3 mm nodule (no calcification noted on this one).  I was told that more than likely it was Histoplasmosis.  There would be a rescan in 6 months.

I didn't want to wait that long and on my own saw a Pulmonary doctor.  He did a PET scan.  The PET scan read as showing a 10 mm nodule in posterior aspect of left apical region with stranding to posterior chest wall.  This appears to be a probable calcified granuloma.  The notations from the PET stated that no abnormal tracer accumulation may be size re scan in 4-6 months.

I was tired of doctors...I know...that's horrible...but I see a doctor every three months for skin checks and needed a break.  I have had several biopsies...but thankfully only one came up as moderatly atypical and needed further excision.

I had a CT done on Monday for my Oncologist and see him Friday...checking on the lung nodule(s).  I will hear the results on Friday.  My questions I suppose would be 1.)  Should I bow my head and admit that I saw a Pulmonary doctor who ordered a PET back in December...give him the results?  2.)  Do lung cancers have any type of central or punctate calcifications?  3.)  I coughed up blood a few times last week and noticed the same pinching pain in my right it something I should share with him or keep it to myself if they feel it is a Histoplasmosis?  4.)  Can a Melanoma and Lung cancer be related to one another or is this totally coincidental on my part?

Opps...sorry...last but not least the scan ordered by the Oncologist in November showed "punctate calcifications in mucosa or pharyngeal wall and constrictor muscle...".  "Subcentimeter lymph nodes a scattered throughout the neck but no evidence of lymphadenopathy is evident" was also there.  The PET in December didn't note any of this...was the CT finding a fluke?

I apologize for all of the questions and abundence of information...I find myself confused and asking entirely too many questions : )

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