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Lung Cancer Treatment Centers: Helping You Win the Battle Over Cancer

Posted Apr 04 2014 7:14am
The word “Cancer” is no more a nightmare now. Advent of science and technology and development of effective cancer programs and treatments, has paved the path for curing cancer. When cells start growing uncontrollably inside the body, then a person starts developing the risk of getting attacked with Cancer.


When the dangerous cancer cells start growing in lungs, it is called lung cancer. Being one of the leading cause of cancer deaths in the world, it is now the second most diagnosed cancer in UK after breast cancer. According to a survey conducted by the American cancer society, it was found that around 2,20,000 people are getting diagnosed with cancer per year. But after a high rate of increase for decades, the current rate of lung cancer has been decreasing slowly because of the development of advanced lung cancer treatment centers, which uses modern equipment and methodologies for eradicating cancer from its root.


Types of Lung Cancer:


Depending upon the type of cells developed within the tumor, lung cancers are categorized into:

1. Non-small cell lung cancer: This is the common type of lung cancer and are 80% responsible for development of cancerous cells in the lungs. It includes adenocarcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas and large cell lung cancers.

2. Small cell Lung Cancer: Also known as oat-cell cancer, these cancerous cells are responsible for 20% growth of cancer in lungs. Getting evolved in bronchitis, it develops and spreads quickly to other parts of the body. These types of cancer are more common in people who smoke on a regular basis.


Causes of Lung Cancer:


Smoking: 90% of lung cancer deaths occurred due to this reason only. Cigarettes containing a large amount of carcinogen when inhaled, causes severe damage to the lungs.

Asbestos: Tobacco smoking and asbestos have a larger impact on formation of lung cancer. Both lung and mesothelioma cancer are caused because of exposure to asbestos.

Air pollution: Both indoor and outdoor air pollution are responsible for increasing the risk of lung cancer. In outdoor pollution, fine particulates and sulphate aerosols released due to heavy traffic and in indoor pollution, smokes released due to burning of wood, charcoal, or dung causes lung cancer.

  As one of the most alarming disease, people suffering from cancer needs utmost care and treatment. For fighting and winning the battle over this dreadful disease, undergoing effective cancer programs and treatment is highly essential. The renowned cancer treatment centers out there can help you in getting speedy recovery from cancer by providing highly effective treatment facilities.

About us:

Renakng hospital, located in Houjie Town, Dongguan, is one of the effective cancer treatment center fully equipped with modern treatments that prevents the disease from ever returning back. They conduct additional tests, therapies, and even Chinese herbal therapy for providing best treatments and instant relief from the pain and torment associated with cancer. To contact,,get the appointment through the inquiry form or call us to +86 20 37611008.

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