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Lumpy McLump Lump

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm 2 Comments

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I have a lump on the lower part of my neck in front.. and it has grown .. the Doctor just keeps telling me that it  is just fat.. well if it is I still want it gone it is effecting my breathing and sleeping.  I can feel my pulse all the time just pounding and it feels like I have someones hands around my neck trying to chock me.. as well as with that feeling my ears are making a noise and my neck at times feels like it will pop.. what the heck is wrong with this picture. I know there are people heavier than me  not complaining of the same feeling..

Any Ideas... Please Help! Pam

Sounds like your Dr. is a liar or he wants to wait until it's soo serious that he can take more of your money to repair what is really wrong! Get a new DR. I bet you it's your thyroid get it tested by another Dr. and dump the dr. you have he's an idot for not listening to you and doing research or testing to find out what's wrong. have you ever seen Myserious Diagnosis on TV , well people on there switched Dr.s until they came up with an answer, don't wait until something even worse happens you need medical attention immediately!!!! Just thought you should know the truth, Sherrie Gonyer
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