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Look Good Feel Better

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm

Monday I went to a Look Good Feel Better program session. It's a program service for women with cancer who are going through chemotherapy and other treatments that helps them look better and then of course feel better. The sessions last about two hours and you get a bag with free makeup from sponsors like Clinique, Avon, Channel and other name brands. I also got to order a wig and was given a used one. I don't know if all of the LGFB programs do this but we did here in Batesville. It was a pretty neat experience and I got to take my friend Reba with me. She didn't get the free makeup and she doesn't need a wig but she is interested in volunteering for the program, in fact we both would like to be volunteers in this program but we have to go through training and they don't' have it too often. It is a very good service though and I really appreciate the founders of this program. I hope some day that I can give back for all the has been given to me.

Last Friday I went to a mini Relay for Life and walked a survivors lap, it felt good to think of myself as a survivor. It was only a small crowd but a lot of people were there walking. It was sponsored by the Batesville school district elementary schools. The schools had different booths and were selling raffle tickets, cupcakes, and other things. My friends Kevin and Katie were there to walk the lap with me. Katie's daughter, Sullivan is in the Westside performing arts school and they did a dance routine. The kids were so cute performing their routines. The big Relay for Life is May 29th and I'll be there for that one too and I'm going to a Survivors Banquet May 22nd. Then in October I'll be going to Little Rock to walk and take part in the Race for the Cure, for Breast Cancer...

On another note, I picked up the two bottles of barium contrast to drink on Sunday night and Monday morning for my scans. I have been scheduled for a bone scan, brain scan and CT scans of the chest, gastric tract and pelvic area. Since nothing has ever showed up in any of my scans except for the cyst on my ovary, I'm hoping that everything will be clear. I'll know that on next Wednesday when I go for my fourth chemo.

I'm really ready to get this fourth one finished so I can be on the downhill side of my chemo treatments. Still no nausea and I'm so thankful for that. What I have found with each chemo is that I do tire more easily and that the sun absolutely drains me, if I'm out in it too long. My blood counts continue to be good and so thank the good Lord everything is going well.

As always I'm so thankful for my friends who are always there to lend a helping hand in any situation. Whenever I feel so exhausted that I don't want to move, I start to feel a little sad and lonely and then I remember my family and my friends and how fortunate I am to be surrounded with love from them all.....then I don't feel sad and lonely anymore.

That's all for now, stay tuned for an update...whenever!!!
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