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Lone ranger poor box office Disney may loss in 150 million

Posted Jul 11 2013 3:21am

Lone ranger poor box office Disney may loss in 150 million

July 8, according to foreign media reports, Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) movie "The Lone Ranger" (" The Lone Ranger) release since just 48.9 million at The domestic fake oakley wholesale box office success, according to experts predict that The north American box office will eventually stop at $125 million, might be a Disney losses of $150 million.

Since the 1930 s, the "lone ranger" based on the same radio, by al Gore - d binns base directed by Gore Verbinski (). The film cost up to $250 million, the global within the scope of the propaganda work also spent $175 million, but released "the lone ranger" for the last five days just made $48.9 million in the United States, in the same season in the film is quite general.

Considering the "lone ranger" worst of the opening week box office July and gear box office competition fierce, film experts estimate that the film will be $125 million at the domestic box office success, overseas box office success, was expected to $150 million. From the perspective projections, "the lone ranger" will lead to Disney losses of $150 million. In this way, "the lone ranger" battlefield "the star" will be 2011 Disney's biggest since the tragedy, "the star war" also invested $250 million, global sales of about $282 million, planing to marketing and other costs, Disney eventually losses of more than $200 million. Considering the "lone ranger" at the domestic box office results will certainly be better than "the star war", the Disney the blow should be lighter. (home box office revenue will bring the Disney more into)

Disney global distribution department, executive vice President Dave Hollis (Dave Hollis) said: "this is rather disappointing. See everything was perfect on paper, so the final result we fake ray ban wholesale feel very depressed."

Although Depp has a popularity abroad, but the "lone ranger" overseas box office result is not ideal, because the westerns in overseas is not especially popular type. The film has been released in 24 countries, box office of $24.3 million, far be with "god steal milk dad 2" schedule.

From past practices, Depp starring film even if unpopular in the United States, overseas can still have good box office. 2010 fatal with (The Tourist) made $67 million in The north American box office, but its overseas total to $211 million. Last year's shadow "(Dark we) north American box office of $79 million, foreign sales doubled to $166 million. But "the lone ranger" could put an end to this practice, become another failure. Depp

"The lone ranger" by "pirates of the Caribbean" iron triangle Depp, d binns and brooke hammer to launch, Disney wanted to put the film into another popular films, but the end result is quite disappointing. Box office aside, for the movie tickets at the box office is not high also, on the rotten tomatoes website which just gains 24% support, in contrast, other three cooperation movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl" (Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl) support for up to 79%.

Failure is said to be "the lone ranger" could make between Disney and Hollywood gold producer brooke hammer relationship became tense. Brooke hammer for Disney to create "pirates of The Caribbean", "national treasure" and so on The success of The film, but The recent brooke hammer has created more than "dud", including "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (The Sorcerer 's Apprentice) and "Prince of Persia: of (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), The guinea pig agent team (G - Force) and so on.

Disney was the "lone ranger" too high costs of filming, Disney, former chairman of Ricky Ross (Rich Ross) once interrupt "lone ranger" project, but brooke hammer and dimension compression binns base promised to transfer their investment to $215 million and pay the difference for yourself, after production to proceed. But in this way, "the lone ranger" at the box office defeat suffered some losses could make brooke hammer.

"Lone ranger" at fake jerseys wholesale the box office failure may be caused by many factors. First young fan is not familiar with the story of "the lone ranger", 68% of viewers are 25 years of age or older, people under the age of 18 accounted for only 16%. By comparison, "pirates of the Caribbean" audience age will be more balanced. In addition, the film too much violence drew some criticism. ljj014793

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