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"Logistics Lori" on the War Path

Posted Jul 14 2009 9:11am
One of the things I have always been really good at is lining up all the things that need to get done and organizing it in a logical manner with tight scheduling and make it happen.

I still had a job! I had left abruptly while my boss was out of town, I needed to get back. We were to close on the house on Monday, June 30th (a week away). Dave was supposed to be home to do that, help me pack (the movers were coming on July 7th) and have our going away party at Gail's house next door. The original plan didn't have me coming out to California until early August! I was going to help find my replacement, train her and take a trip to Egypt with my wonderful friend Paula. (Paula's parents befriended my parents when they were newly married in Louisiana and Paula was my first baby sitter when I was born. She was 9. Before my mother died, she made sure we were connected up. Her parents were long since deceased and my mom wanted us to "have each other". Paula has a wonderful, modest Throughbred and American Saddle Bred horse farm near Lexington, Kentucky and works for Lane's End (a huge horse farm) and Keeneland Race Track. I go there once a year after the world famous Keeneland Horse Sale and we have come to love each other very much. Thank You Mom!)

Anyway, she had been invited to Egypt and invited me to go along. I have never been off this rock and was so excited to be "traveling abroad". This trip was to occur after the move, while I was still in Maryland . I would go for my two week vacation, come back, check in on the new gal and then head out in the car with Kip to California. I would deal with this all a little later.

Right now, Dave could hardly walk or sit and he certainly couldn't drive or take care of himself at Dan & Sarah's all day. He needed someone full time to be there for him and drive him back and forth for radiation. It couldn't be me, even if I wanted it to be. The wheels were turning on what to do and the pieces were falling into place.

The hospital Social Worker had already stopped into meet me (remember I had called the hospital the first night and made sure that they all knew I was coming and needed their help!). I told him we needed a notary to get me Power of Attorney so I could fly home and close on our Brookeville home with the new buyers on the 30th. My wonderful, best ever, realtor, Marsha Crowley had already fax'd the necessary forms to Sarah at work and Sarah brought them to the hospital. The Social Worker said, "No problem. I have a good friend and pastor who does that. I'll call him." The next evening this pastor and his wife came to the hospital and filled out all the paperwork and prayed with us. We overnighted them the next day to Marsha.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I called our son, who had just finished up the semester at Maryland and didn't have a job lined up.


"Yeah Mom, what's up?"

"Here's the situation...."

"So, can you fly out here in a couple of days and take care of your Dad for me so I can get back home and take care of stuff there?"

"Emmm....yeah, I just need some time to move out and get my stuff in storage."

"Oh Hudson, that's great!"

Ok, that's done! He flew in on Saturday and I flew home on Sunday, just in time to close on the house Monday morning. The child becomes the man...

A note today from what of my buddies in the UK at WhatNow..."I've read some of your blog which is absolutely fantastic; extremely genuine and well-written so please do carry on with it, I agree it will be a different thing to the Caring Bridge one as it is from your personal perspective."
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