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Loew is expected to return to the middle of march, hope this season to play 15 - and field

Posted Feb 25 2013 6:56am
According to the Associated Press reported, Minnesota timberwolves star striker Kevin - low has missed nearly 2 months, in today's a public welfare activities, low revealed himself in this season could play 15 - twenty games. Loew said he might be in the middle of march this year return. In an interview, he said he is the right hand recovery in Nike Air Max 1 the first time. In October 2012 and day, low in training hurt his right hand, and was expected to rest 6 weeks in advance, but low back, unfortunately, again, he hurt his right hand. "The doctor said to me, we can't have too many irons in the fire." He said, "so I need to rest for a period of time." The wolves in the start of the season when the set goal is into the playoffs, they since 2004 can't achieve this vision. However, in several star players for this case, they distance the goal more and more far. At present, their record is 22 wins and negative, in the western row in the 12th. Loew said he will meet again, and the doctor to check received surgical hand recovery time in March, about the first week or the second week of a few days ago. Low hope in this season can also play 15 - twenty games, hope for this disappointing season bring a positive end. "After the surgery, this time feel different. I feel better." He said, "this time, and I can feel my hands. From the medical point of view, I'm still in Nike Air Max i constant recovery. I wish this time upon his return, I shot can become better." Loew said that in the final stages of the season, he wanted the team to keep a complete team. "This is really important," he said. "when she case also return after that, we have complete the team, it is very important for the team." Due to injuries, low this season only played games, and averaged 18.3 points and 14 rebounds per game while shooting down to 35.2%, well below the 44.8% last season. Last season, low averaging can get 26 points and 13.3 rebounds. "In the key moment of the match, kobe Bryant hit some incredible goal," lakers coach dandong, he said, "the only thing he need is the ball. The ball to him, let him to operate." Nash scored twenty points, Howard added 13 rebounds, and the Los Angeles lakers beat the fifth consecutive time in Dallas mavericks. "If kobe Bryant sent out that the performance of the play up will be very difficult," Dallas coach Carlisle said. "I think when we are watching the game video, we missed a lot of chance to attack. Nowitzki also give prize, he scored 30 points and 13 rebounds, but he could not help but praise on kobe Bryant. "I've Nike Air Max 90 always said, he has always seemed to me this time the best player," dirk said, "I played in the NBA for a long time, I am very willing to appreciate his game. This is an interesting match, we nearly got victory." "Today we opponent like us, also in the fight for a playoff berth, this is not a good thing." "We are very need to the game," brand said. "kobe Bryant hit some tough shots, he in the whole career has been doing such a thing." When it comes to Dallas to his close defense, Bryant so response, "how do I didn't see man." But it is worth mentioning that, the past 16 games, Bryant's 3-pointer feel very bad, and only 2 shots hit the ball, but today he 3-pointers in 4 5. With kobe Bryant's words, against the Portland trail blazers, after the game he didn't realize his three-pointer so bad. It is also from that time on, kobe Bryant that your 3 will not be so bad that shows the full confidence.The Los Angeles lakers away against the Dallas mavericks, the lakers to a 103-99 victory over the Dallas mavericks won, obtain. In today's game, the lakers beat the mavericks, going into and wins and negative, the distance from the west of 8 rocket is Cheap Nike Air Max 90 2.5 games. The rest of the season, the lakers will play 25 games, the situation is still very serious, but they seem to have received a very bad news. An interview, the lakers coach, dandong suggests that pau gasol before the end of the regular season might not be able to return. The past three weeks, pau gasol on the sidelines, his right foot encounter plantar fascia tear, is expected to miss 6-8 weeks of time.
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