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Living with Prostate Cancer

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:40pm

Joe Torre Someone suffering from prostate cancer often asks what the future has in store for them. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself why not try to reclaim your self-esteem? Did you know there are many famous personalities who too experienced the dilemma you are facing right now? Even the famous Robert De Niro, Joe Torre, Emperor Akihito of Japan and Nelson Mandela suffered from the same affliction and acted upon it before the situation worsened.

Start your life by learning everything you can about your condition. Ask around for worthwhile advice from people who, like you, are suffering from prostate cancer. Your health provider may also offer advice and supply detailed booklets that may answer many of your questions. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your doctor to learn all of the available alternative treatments. It would also be a good idea to get to know the team of medical professionals who will handle your case:

  • Urologist - who is knowledgeable about the urinary and male reproductive system.
  • Medical Oncologist - Someone who specializes in treating cancer.
  • Radiation Oncologist - Doctor which specializes in treating cancer by the use of high energy x-rays.
  • Pathologist- Doctor who studies cells and tissues to learn your bodily ailment.
  • Anesthesiologist - Doctor who provides the needed medication to lessen the intensity of pain.
  • Nurses and therapists - Provide proper care as well teach you how to properly care for yourself.

If you have to undergo surgery, the doctor should advise you that when the prostate is removed semen can no longer be ejaculated during sex, although there are some men who can still achieve erection since it largely depends upon the degree of nerve tissue that had been removed. Sometimes, living with prostate cancer after surgery may mean living with impotency, but medication can help. Bear in mind, however, that some drugs for erectile dysfunction can pose a risk such as low blood pressure and other heart-related problems. There are some men who can experience a dry orgasm and reach sexual climax even without the discharge of semen. Also, those who may want a child in the future should consider having their sperm frozen prior to surgery.

Living with prostate cancer does not mean giving up a joyful past and living a hopeless life. Men should look at this time in their lives as a winnable challenge; build up your confidence knowing that there many prostate cancer survivors. You will be one of them. Perform every prescribed treatment and dutifully follow your doctor’s advice. Doing this can lessen the complications of treatment and greatly improve your chance of survival.

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