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Lipitor + Celebrex: it works in lab mice!

Posted Sep 28 2008 7:03pm

We aren’t holding our breath. It’s amazing how many drugs are shown to do things in laboratory rats and mice but then have absolutely no effect whatsoever in larger animals — let alone humans. However, if you are interested in the concept that Lipitor and Celebrex in combination may be able to delay the progression of prostate cancer,  have a look at this article in Forbes.

Both drugs would be off patent by the time this theory was proven, so even Pfizer is unlikely to get excited.

But that isn’t going to deter the media! … The hype on this trial has already escalated into the stratosphere.

According to Reuters, “a combination of Celebrex (celecoxib) and Lipitor (atorvastatin) may effectively halt the progression of prostate cancer.”

HealthDay states that, “This study aimed to delay the progression of androgen-dependent tumors to androgen-independent tumors, thus allowing doctors more time to administer anti-hormone therapy,” which “is less toxic than many other cancer therapies.” What?

WebMD writes that, “Tumors started to regrow in the mice that didn’t get any drug treatment almost immediately, compared to all three drug approaches [that] slowed the growth of new tumors.” What “three drug approaches”?

And ScienceDaily quotes the lead author of the study as saying “that the team is exploring the underlying molecular mechanisms to understand how Lipitor and Celebrex work on prostate cancer, perhaps identifying an important signaling pathway for tumor cell growth that the drugs inhibit.”

The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink humbly offers this information as an outstanding example of how the media manages to blow data from a tiny experiment in mice out of all reasonable proportion!

The original brief post was updated at 8:30 am EST on April 15, 2008.

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