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Leap of Faith Friday, February 29, 2008

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:56pm

Jim at Busy Dad Blog and Christine at Chicken Fried Therapy and Piper at Bliss in Bloom birthed a concept for Friday posts in February – Leap of Faith Friday. The idea is to do something in your life that you would not ordinarily do, something that is out of your comfort zone and then post about it on Fridays. This Leap of Faith Friday, I am not cheating with a silly photo of myself or a cute story about the kids getting scared easily. I am leaping with this one. Leaping for me anyway.

For my first leap, I am going to change my blogging M.O. a bit. I am excited about this because I think it will be freeing for me. I am finding that I am somewhat obsessing with this blog – trying to get in a post every day, stressing to some extent over how to be creative with an idea without appearing to be knocking off others’ hard work, ensuring that I comment on other’s so they know I read their hard work, etc. I comment because as a blogger I know that comments are like narcotics. I can’t get enough of them. I love to see who read and who thought to say a word or two. I LOVE IT! (So comment if you have been lurking without revealing yourself) However, I find myself stopping at the computer (no laptop here) every time I walk by and even when I am NOT walking by to check for comments. It is taking large amounts of time away from my family. AND if history serves, global warming activists are correct and God willing, the weather IS GOING TO WARM UP HERE IN THE NEXT MONTH, and I want to be outside weeding tending to the planted beds around the house, playing with my kids, taking the kids to the park, bike riding, walking, watering, reading, whatever, OUTSIDE. I want to be able to enjoy the outdoors without feeling like I HAVE to be blogging because of some expectation I feel from the world, but I have actually put upon myself. I mean really, if I decide to blog 3-5 times a week instead of 5-7 times a week, who cares? It’s not as though I make a living off the blog or ever could. It is a hobby. Its time prioritization in my life needs to be treated as the hobby it is. So, I am going to skip a day here and there and I am going to try not to turn the computer on at least one day a week. This is big for me folks. Grant thinks when he grows up and gets to be a mom (don't ask) he will do mom things like spend lots of time on the computer, if that gives you any indication of where my time is spent.

Secondly, I am going to be taking part in Beth’s new idea of Miracle Mondays at A Mom’s Life. I am going to use this forum to start to recapture some of the events Brian and I have been through - the hardships, the trials, the tribulations, the uncertainties, the pain and the suffering and how God has brought us out of every one of those times and blessed us with the richest form of blessings. From how we met and started dating, to how we lasted, and how we got engaged and married in a long distance relationship; how we handled his diagnosis, his treatments, surgeries, hospital stays; how we grew in our faith; how we handled our infertility, our adoptions, our moves; how we handled his recurrence, his deficits, our new life. I have really wanted to do this for a while and I hope to get Brian’s input as we get going. I am very excited about trying to recapture what I believe to be our most blessed life enriched by God’s molding us through our heartaches, hardships, and His provision. I hope you stay tuned on Mondays for our recaps. It is a wild ride. Other than Mondays I will continue to write about Brian’s progress and anything else that floats my boat a few other days a week.


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