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late late late

Posted Apr 14 2005 12:00am
I hate being late. I think it shows poor planning at best, disrespect at worst.

Yet, I am late for everything these days. Late getting DS2 to school (DH brings the other two to school in the mornings, otherwise I'm sure they would be late, too.) Late picking them up. Late for the car repair appointment, late late late!

It's a lot of things -- getting absorbed in reading or writing something. Needing to take a shower! Sleeping too late, because I went to bed too late. I want to say that some of these things are beyond my control, like the repaving and construction work that is snarling up the traffic, or DS2's habit of dawdling interminably over every single meal. But these things are not surprises, and I should plan around them -- but I haven't been.

I need to get a grip. I feel as if I'm on a speeding train that is shortly going to collide with -- what? I don't exactly know.

I do know that many relatives are coming on Monday and the house is a disaster. We're driving to CA on Tuesday, and I haven't even thought about what to bring, much less begun packing. It's only for a few days, but I need to pack for four people! Then there's the whole DisneyLand thing -- I have no idea what we're getting into, there... but we will manage.

One last thing -- if I don't send a column tomorrow, that will be late, too! AAAAUUGGGGHHHHHH!

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