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Last night TB had eggs. Eggs! An ...

Posted Nov 16 2009 12:32pm

Last night TB had eggs. Eggs! And toast and milk. Wow. Then this morning when he woke up I asked how he felt, he said, pretty good. Plus – now he wants coffee. Yeah! The temp is only in the mid 60’s right now so maybe that’s why. I don’t care as long as he continues to feel better :-)

I talked to my mom this morning, I’ve completely neglected her all week because of dealing with TB and not wanting to offload on her, but based on what she told me a week and a half ago, I figured she was doing okay. She does have another chemo session coming up on Monday but she’s not worried about it. She told me she started losing her hair last Tuesday. But she’s very upbeat about it (I’m not surprised in the least) and she and my sister went to the cancer center and bought a hat, I think it’s a modified turban/scarf/hat based on her description. Then I asked if she and her husband were still going to have their August family get together, she said they definitely are and then jokingly added that everyone has to bring her a head scarf to get into the party. See? Isn’t she cool? She’s JOKING about this – that’s my mama. I told her that when her hair grows back that we can spike it with some gel – she said she’d think about it.

Well, I need to keep getting ready for our trip, I’ve got the majority of stuff on the dining room table and the floor but need to get to the clothes now (that means laundry as that’s been neglected this week also). We want everything in the truck tonight so we can just get up and go whenever we’re ready tomorrow.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who has left comments, sent emails, took me to breakfast, and called us over the last week or so. We really would have a much more difficult time getting through this without all of your support, love and advice.

Take care everyone.

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