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larynx cancer

Posted by Jeannie

My husband, 68 years old,  has cancer of the larynx.  He has had a large tumor removed from the side of his neck,  and today received the 2nd of 30 or so radiation treatments.  He has a trachiostomy tube to help him breath now and a stomach feeding tube.....He is diabetic and has now lost 5 toes and more don´t look good.  the first amputation was over a year ago and he still is not healing due to poor circulation........the CANCER question is..........should he have the cathater for the proposed chemotherapy of the medication 5 FU?  If I understood correctly he would be receiving the 5 FU for 3 years.........He is so miserable and so thin....We were shocked when we heard this would be the treatment of first it seemed that one a week chemotherapy treatments would be needed......any one have knowledge of this drug treating laryngeal cancer?

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Horrible situation indeed, with chemotherapy and no other choices.

 I can advise to reduce the tiredness, and weakening after the therapy:

consult your doc and if allowed, take many times glasses of carrot or dates, wheat grass, or bottle gourd juices without sugar added, and in empty stomach. Black grapes juice is important but should NOT be taken along with other drugs. It prevents absorption of other allopathic drugs into the blood stream. It is important and hence should be taken with atleast 6 hrs before and after- take advice of dr.

let him do some meditation to get more life energy into him. god bless him!!

praying for his quick recovery! 

d parameswaran -meditation master, yoga therapist,  naturopath 

This is not medical advice, but a dissemination of information which can be confirmed on the net or elsewhere from naturopaths, it is given in order to reduce the bad effects of chemo.



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