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Knitting and more knitting

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:53am

The other day, a regular blog reader asked me if I was 'still knitting'. Which made me think it was time for a knitty update.
I finished this about 6 weeks ago, and then it hung in the wardrobe for another 5 waiting for me to perform an Elizabeth Zimmerman Afterthought Buttonhole on it, and sew a button on.

This is my most ambitious project to date - it's knitted from the top down in one piece, with the sleeves and collar added afterwards. I'm moderately pleased with it, although it's a little on the big side -

- I was clearly having a bad body image day when I decided to knit it and went for a size too big. (Yes, knitty readers, I did knit a swatch and I did get gauge. For once. And for all the good it did me....) Although now I come to think of it I may have begun it when I was wearing all of the medicinal chemotherapy custard on my backside, stomach and upper arms.....
(I didn't do the buttonhole in the end. I sewed the button onto a brooch clip and pinned it on. Don't tell my Mum.)

I also knitted some beautiful soft mohair and merino socks. They were so pretty, and I was so proud. And then I put them in the washing machine.....

... and I learned that felting is really, dangerously easy. Ho hum.

Since the men's Wimbledon tennis final, I've been working on this pink fluffy beaded boa. I couldn't show it to you earlier as it was a birthday present for my friend Gilly, and I only saw her yesterday.

I'm really pleased with it - and so, more importantly, was Gilly. (It took about 10 hours to knit.... and another 10 to do the picot cast off. There were times when I came close to losing the will to live.)

I finished this sock -

- then lost my sock mojo before I started the matching one. I will, though. (And then I won't felt them. Oh no. I've learned that lesson.)

And I'm currently knitting a shawl. I can't decide whether it's really, really simple and pretty, or just really, really dull. What do you think?

(It's on a small needle so I can't spread it out any further, but you get the idea.)

So, there you go. Knitting keeps happening. If you fancy giving it a try, let me know, and I'll point you in the right direction with some good places to start. You won't regret it!
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