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Just a little update on my past ...

Posted Oct 16 2009 10:04pm
Just a little update on my past week. I was weak and tired last week, so when I went in for my Erbatux infusion, they looked at me and said "Let's just get you hydrated and skip chemo today" What's happenings I'm losing so much liquid through my ileostomy pouch- it leaves me as soon as I drink. So when I was getting an IV, I had a nutritionist comes down. She told me to make a Hydration solution of 1 lite water, 3 tbs of sugar and 1 tsp of salt. Add Crystal lite
if needed. I think it's starting to help. It tastes better than plain water and makes me thirsty so I think I'm drinking more. I also need to pump immodium.

So I went for full chemo on Thursday, with IV hydration on Saturday, plus taking my pump off(the 48-hour folfuri chemo infusion)

Over the weekend, we went to Art & Mindy's house in Mokena for our annual swimming party. It was cold and damp. but the kids managed to make use of the pool. It was soooo great seeing everyone and I did my usual"shopping" in Mindy's Sample closet - she reps several clothing lines. I scored 3 great sweaters for the fall- super cute!

I've got a heavy schedule of Hospital visits this coming week- Chemo, Cat Scan and IV infusions.

Oh and good news, my CRE (tumor marker) blood count went down again from last weeks 11.9 to this weeks. 9.9. That simply means I'm still responding positively to chemo. It doesn't mean that when it gets to ZERO, the tumors are gone. BUT, hopefully after this next Pet Scan, the oncology team will start discussing other target options - do I stay on current chemo regimen? They say they will change the regimen when it stops being affective. So who knows how long.

Have a great weekend

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