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John's drunken evening

Posted Aug 24 2009 12:27pm
I am typing this from John's hospital room, while he sleeps. They are allowing me to stay overnight whenever I want! This is good, because some nights I'm so tired!

They started the first part of the chemo at night because this stuff makes the patient drunk! It's an ethanol-based drug called Carmustine. Here's the link if you're interested in reading about this drug.

Poor John! The man has never been drunk in his life and the one time he does, he can't even get the fun side of it! It only took an hour to get all the stuff into him, but the effects hit him rather quickly. He got very red in the face and head and ears. Then he suddenly got a killer headache! His mouth got dry, his nose and throat started to hurt, like they were burning or really bad sore throat.

The oddest thing about it was he sighed a big breathy sigh and his breath smelled like he'd been drinking for hours!! Then he got a bit dizzy and had to lie down. He kept thanking me for staying and telling me what a good support I've been. I don't know if that was the drugs talking or not, but it was amusing!

Now he's snoring away and I'm trying to type in the dark! The family waiting room is right across the hall. I might go over there to watch TV or use the desktop computer they have in there. I'm not the least bit tired right now!

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