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Is therre anything that can be done for a dog with possible bone cancer?

Posted by petangel

My frind has a 10+ year old Rotwhiler that may have bone cancer. What can be done for the dog if anyything?
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well you should be lucky that the rotwhiler even lasted that long..{sorry} but usually when animals dog or cat get to the age about 11 and up get old and some get sick. and most likey when that happens the dog starts getting all these diseses and really the only thing you can do for it is put it to sleep..i know thats hard expecially if its really close to you but you could also go to the vet and see if they could do naything but for a dog becoming old they will probably try it see what they can do but if there is no effects or pregress for the dog there best bet would be to put it to sleep

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