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Is there that possibility of cancer since Turp was done?

Posted by Marly Facebook

As to my question above would the Urologist not had to taken a biopsy to come to this conclusion. The above was mentioned however when he came home the very next day was rushed to hospital due to rectal bleeding. Had to have blood transfusions, then shortly thereafter had a coloscopy that found 5 small polyps (which were removed). Upon leaving the hospital the floor Dr. mentioned something about prostrate cancer. Either my father in law would have to have surgery or chemo. This was an 8 day stay in the hospital, would they have known at that time via biopsy or surgery if there was cancer present? He did have colon cancer many yrs. prior to (approx.25 yrs) and all went well. I have an appt. with his Urologist this coming wk. Apparently the Urologist didn't have to go in as far as he thought he would for the Turp. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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