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Is a low white blood cell count a sign of cancer?

Posted by jesf2008

 I just got my bloodwork results back because I have been exceptionally tired/drained for about 4 months now.  I am concerned with the results and wanted to seek additional information. 

The test reads LOW WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT = 3.6 (x10E3/uL)

 It also reads low sodium, ferritin and Vit D. 

My only health issue is Ulcerative Colitis that I have had now for 5 years but has been mostly under control.  I do have an extrememe family history of colon cancer.  I have had yearly colonoscopies come back normal.

 also, my red blood cell count is 4.09 (x10E6/uL) and the results for Neutrophis are low @ 1.6

Is this a sign that I may have cancer????

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