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Iodine Induced Graves' Disease Why Treat with Iodine?

Posted Jun 24 2009 7:01pm 1 Comment
48 Y/O Female with hypothyroidism was treated with iodine pills and T3 cytomel. While on high dose T3 and iodine, she developed double vision and pop eye on the right. MR= swollen eye muscles=Graves Eye Disease.The patient was hyperthyoid on examination. The thyroid was enlarged, firm, and Ultrasound showed Graves'firestorm blood flow. The iodine was stopped, as was the T3. She was started on beta blocker and a I/123 uptake was planned. No ultrasound was ever done.A real time ultrasound was positive. Several nodules were suspicious for cancer.A Biopsy was done, and it was negative for cancer.The patient was cooled off with beta blocker, and was treated with RAI/131.The eye disease stabilized and then a muscle relocation procedure cured the double vision.
What did we learn?
Always see an endocrinologist or thyroidologist if you are told by your primary MD, you have thyroid disease.

Good luck,
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Yeah these same doctors many of whom prescribe cytomel, uneccessarily cut thyroids out, and prescribe radioactive iodine as a solution. It amazes me that you tried to draw a correlation between iodine and the visual problems when cytomel is known to throw people into hyperthyroidism. Your just another moron who doesnt realize that many countries in Asia routinely use iodine at much higher levels than the US considers safe and at one time iodine was the treatment of choice for many physicians treating for any thyroid dysfunction. Big pharma decided to discredit the all natural solution so they could patent some deadly pharmaceutical drug which in many cases does not help the underlying problem and causes long term problems down the road. What did we learn from this. People like you who try to cloud the truth by making circumstantial statments need to be shot on site. You my friend are an idiot of the highest order.
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