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Posted May 30 2010 12:00am

Sometimes when I look for inspiration for my journey, it appears right in front of me, unexpectedly. My son had art school the other night so I stayed home with the girls while he and mom went for a couple of hours. She returned in shock and told me that as she walked down one of the hallways she saw the following poem of his on a wall that was based on a imprint of a leaf that he made in art class:

Here is the poem describing his leaf:


Masterpiece (The Leaf)

Buddhist teaching advises to look for and appreciate beauty and love in our every day lives, in our daily existence. Here it is. My son wrote this beautiful poem about a leaf he created, never mentioned a word about it to us, and my wife found it by surprise on his school wall.

I love his choice of words, his power of language and his confidence, which by the end of the poem becomes so very apparent:

Ever so fragile,
Completely a work of art,
Everyone will gaze at it.’

His confidence grows and grows and he deftly analyzes the piece’s regal look, but also it’s fragile nature, as art always is, fragile that is, and yet he knows we will all look at it, drawn by its power.

Melissa spoke to his teacher after who was also impressed with him and his work. He came home quietly as usual and I asked him all about it. I wanted to know everything, how go got there, why, what was he thinking, why this piece? But like all great artists, he was Imperial and fragile, a man of few words. If he talked too much about it, the mystique would be gone and the piece would not be as powerful.

Growing up in a house of artists, musicians, and art historians has its moments for our kids. I can pretty much guarantee that none of my three will come home and tell me they will want to run GE some day, but they will add to humanity, and the in the process they give me more strength for my resolve. I see beauty every day as the Buddhists want us all to do.

Most of mine comes from my children. Thank you.

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