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Posted Dec 22 2004 12:00am
Brother & Sister-inlaw headed back to CA about 9:30, after a leisurely morning and somewhat rowdy breakfast with the kids.

We're all still in our pj's. DH called a little while ago to see if we wanted to meet him somewhere for lunch... work is slow this week after all the busy-busy they've had the previous 2 weeks. I ask the kids, "Do you want to meet Daddy somewhere for lunch?"

Vaguely positive noises.
"OK, then turn off the TV and run upstairs and get dressed, quick-quick!"
"NooOOOOOOoooo! I wanna stay hoooome!" wails DS1.

So much for that -- it's not worth bullying him into getting dressed, etc, just to go out for lunch. If you're not happy about going out for lunch, then you should stay home.

DH understands. "Maybe tomorrow, then," he says.
Fortunately the other 2 kids were not too attached to the idea. Sometimes it really is easy come, easy go. Not often, though.

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