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I will admit I’ve purposel ...

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm

I will admit I’ve purposely not been blogging. Partly because I sometimes feel like I shouldn’t be complaining or whining when so many other people are in worse shape then TB, even he’s said that about himself. Granted his cancer is terminal, but right now we’re holding steady (remember, he is not in remission and never can be) and hopefully on the 24th we’ll find out we’re still holding steady. He has a full body bone scan and a CT scan on the 17th, to see how things are going and we’ll compare to the scans done on December 26th.

I’ve also not been blogging much because I don’t feel like talking about it sometimes. I even get a little mad at him sometimes for him being irritable from treatment or his leg hurts - I don’t say anything to him about it though. Right or wrong, that’s how I feel. Then I feel bad because I felt mad at someone who has terminal cancer. God - talk about a vicious circle.

I do have news about the surgery the orthopedic surgeon wanted to do on his femur. He and our oncologist FINALLY talked and now the surgeon understands why we weren’t just jumping all over that bandwagon, we knew it could kill him. So the consensus is that TB will not have the surgery until or unless the pain gets so bad that we have no choice. That’s why Friday the 13th is not bad. :-)

TB will start taking some medication on a fairly regular basis because his phosphorous levels are goofy and he will need to have a Zometa (bone treatment, half hour long drip) fairly regularly as well. The meds for the phosphorous don’t affect him physically at all but we really don’t like what the Zometa does. Though at least now we know what to expect with Zometa so I guess that’s okay.

I wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

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