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I've got another crazy rant that ...

Posted Feb 25 2009 5:57pm
I've got another crazy rant that I just can't keep to myself, but before I get into it, let me resolve my last epic rant. I did discover the identity of the individual eating cookies in the public bathrooms at the ATC. It was a fellow patient who was also suffering from steroids induced diabetes. She was sneaking sweets in the bathroom so that her mom would be none the wiser. Crafty, but gross.

Sadly, my newest rant also involves the bathroom. Those individuals that come into close contact with me on a daily basis have been equipped with the rules regarding my health. The rules run the gamut from avoiding contact if you've been exposed to a sick person, to making sure you clean up after yourself. I understand that what generally happens in the bathroom can be a sensitive topic for people. I certainly wouldn't want anyone confronting me publicly about my habits, and yet I'm about to post a little anecdote about it for the world to see.

Without going into too much detail, I discovered that someone that I come into regular contact with doesn't wash their hands after shall we say "eliminating". Sincerely worried about my health, I confronted the person and they confirmed my suspicions. The reason I was given was that urine was sterile. I was and am gobsmacked.

I know that urine is "virtually" sterile which isn't the same thing as being absolutely sterile, so please hold all comments in that regard. Also, just consider human physiology and all that can be implied from the juxtaposition of certain elements.

I restrained myself from screaming in horror and frustration and essentially gave another human being a lecture about potty do's and don't's. I sincerely thought that I wouldn't be having that conversation until Chris and I adopted a child. I also never thought that I'd be having that conversation with someone who was old enough to vote.

So, with all of that being said, I'm seriously considering sewing myself a holster so that I can carry my giant can of lysol around with me on a daily basis. If my immune system was normal, I'd be laughing all of this off. Since it's not, I'm a little bit angry and frustrated. To put it in perspective, I've been handling a lot of the same things as this person for a few months now and am surprised that I haven't ended up in the hospital with an infection. I'll be wound up about this for a few days, but I'll do my best not to blog about it anymore.
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