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I've been diagnosed with Cancer, Now What!?

Posted Feb 21 2011 4:10pm

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, the feelings, emotions and questions can be overwhelming.
First thing first, take a deep breath. Know that you’re not alone, that the feelings you may be feeling – of ‘why me’?, of being scared, angry, or depressed are normal. Know that you are doing the right thing – researching your options, understanding your options and educating yourself are three of the most powerful steps you can take towards fighting cancer.

When dealing with a new cancer diagnosis there are generally a few ‘steps’ or phases that you will go through towards selecting the right treatment for you.

1. Initially you will discuss the Diagnosis with your doctor. This is phase one – Diagnosis.
2. Step two, further testing will be done to determine where the cancer is and if it has spread in the body. This is called Staging.
3. Your doctor will discuss with you the Prognosis of your disease, and how they perceive it will affect your life, but just remember this is speculation everyone is different.
4. Armed with what you know about the disease, you enter into Treatment, to slow or eradicate the disease. There are many treatment options from Traditional Medicine to Alternative Medicine; talk to your doctor about what’s right for you  and be sure to consider all your options.
5. As the disease progresses or the treatment progresses, it may be necessary to also treat some of the symptoms that arise. This is normal.

The course of the disease, and the path used to treat it, can be very different patient to patient. Side effects also vary, this is why it’s important to discuss with your doctor what is right for you. Understanding all of the potential risks, side effects and benefits of the treatment are extremely important.

We invite you to learn more about the functional oncology program at Angeles Health, where the medical team uses tested natural models to treat various forms of cancer, without harsh side effects.

Read more at  and learn about alternative treatment options for your cancer.

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