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I think my mother may have kidney cancer?

Posted by amandajohnston

She's 43. Her symptoms are:

Blood in urine, on 3 different days.

Lump on her back right side, just below the last rib.

Weight loss, she went from a 34 in waist to a 27in waist in a couple months.

Always cold.

Always tired.

Clumsy, drops things all the time.

Loss of appetite.

Yes she eats, she's not hungry but makes herself eat.

She used to do drugs, about 20 years ago. She used to drink occasionally, but hasn't for awhile. 

Her mom had polycystic kidney disease. So we know she has a 50% change of getting it.


Will she die?

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First thing your mother needs to do is to see a doctor and get some scans done. No point in jumping to any conclusions until you have those critical medical images.

As for dying, I have Stage IV kidney cancer and am still alive, and there are lot more like me out there. There are treatments available today that weren't available even 5 years ago.

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