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I have small lumps on rib cage and also one on my back what could this be?

Posted by nikkipooh08

I have noticed that i have small lumps under the skin on my rib cage.Also i have one on my back it is on the left side right beside my spine kinda on the shoulder blade.Also i feel some of these lumps in my stomach too.I have been feeling very dizzy and lightheaded lately! I have had a few episodes of waking up all sweaty.I itch all over.I have also had a few episodes of being nauseated and feeling so tired.What could this be?I forgot to mention that i have been having what seems to be hot flashes..Could it be lymphoma or some other type of cancer?Thanks alot!
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Your symptoms could be explained by quite a variety of conditions, so your problem could be very simple or serious. There is no way to tell from your description if it is serious -- you should definitely get a professional evaluation from your physician to make sure.
i have a small lump on my ribs, about 2 to 3 inches down from the breast,its not on the breast at all... its small and circular... it feels a little tender, what could it be? Should i get it checked right away?

As Dr. Geoff said, an evaluation from your health professional will give you an answer and my personal opinion is always the sooner the better. It's better to hurry, get it checked, and find out it's nothing serious than to wait and risk problems later.

So yes, get it checked right away! ;)

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