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I have been meaning to post, but life has had me shackled and gagged in the basement.

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:10pm

I was trying to thank you all for your comments on the last post, and tell you all about being in British Columbia, and learning my mom is dating, my dad is marrying, my sister (older) is moving out, and how my pizza caught fire, I learned to sew, and my family continues to comment on my post-chemo hair, but Typepad was a jerk.

I am in BC, posting will remain spotty for a couple weeks, my mom stood me up for a date tonight (I kinda can't blame her), and Spike, do you think we could set a date for August 4th? Whenever-ish? My schedule is good.

Oh, I know you are all green with envy because I get to meet the amazingly awesome Spike, but ladies, that is just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. If our date goes through, rest assured we will probably both blog all about it.

Sorry for making those tears fall with the last post. Since I am on vacation for the next while, I will try to post light-hearted and funny (when I actually post).

Will try to do something funny to write about soon!

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