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I have an enlarged thyroid gland and have just been diagnosed with a multinodular goiter on the undersized of my thyroid gland

Posted by johol

I have an enlarged thyroid gland and have just been diagnosed with a multinodular goitre on the underside of my thyroid gland one of which is over a cm in size. I have thyroid antibodies in my blood system but my TSH levels are all normal. I am having the operation to remove the thyroid and then getting a biopsy. I am 31 years old and originally my doctor spotted my enlarged thyroid about 13 years ago, but did a Thyroid function test and as it came back normal it was then ignored until very recently. My question is this, what does all this mean and should I be worried about cancer etc.
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I hope it's not too late to stop you from getting your thyroid removed.  Thyroid cancer is very slow growing, so you have time to research the cause of your goiter (lack of potassium iodide).  TSH tests are not the best test to determine what's going on with you thyroid.  TSH stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone - that's the hormone coming from the Pituitary gland in your brain and not how your thyroid is functioning.  Better to test FT3/FT4 - T4 is storage, and FT3 is the amount of hormone circulating in your blood.  Honestly, my TSH was just fine when I was your age.  It took 20 years until mine was cut out.  You are too young!  See Dr David Brownstein's books "Iodine, Why you need it and can't live without it" and "Overcoming Thyroid disorders". And see   Also, check out for testimonials on thyroid.  My Hypothyroid daughter (35) is doing great on it!
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