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I have a mystery illness thats been plaguing me for three years with no DX. Can you help? I'm frustrated to the end of my rope.

Posted by Tom_Ski

35 yo male. No family history of chronic illness, except my daughter with Cystic Fibrosis. One doctor thought I had Still's Disease and treated me for a year. Very little results. Other doctors disagree yet cannot offer a DX. 

Joint pain, fatigue, chronic diarreah/constip/severe abd pain, urinary pain/frequency, sunburn-like rash, chronic dry cough, painful lymph nodes in neck, brain fog/forgetful, soaking night sweats, dizzy/balance, daily fevers, chest discomfort with severe palpitations, minor swelling in hands/feet, unable to lose weight (gained 40lbs), low blood sugar episodes, and other symptoms. 

I have been to dozens of specialists. Most of whom are only concerned with their little piece of the pie. When they can't find a neat little box to put me in they pass me off to the next specialist, ad infinitum. None have really been concerned with helping find out what the big picture is. Its very disheartening and I don't know where to go. I have thought about Cleveland Clinic or Mayo. 


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