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I have a lump that is about pea sized that is felt near my jaw joint

Posted by jmiller184

parallel to my lower ear lobe on my face, it seems to move with my jaw when I open my jaw..I have had slight ear aches and a muffling somewhat of the ear near the mass.  I have an MRI scheduled for next week...the dr thinks it is a parotid gland tumor, I am a 32yr old female with 3 young children and very scared.  The dull ache has gotten worse the past few days, i would compare it to the start of an ear infection (I noticed the lump about a month ago), I have TMJ and horrible jaw popping on that side, have had that for about 15 yrs now (since my wisdom teeth removal).  The ENT said he does not feel it is a stone, and definitely does not think it is a lymph node. Anyone ever hear anything like this? Any suggestions of things to ask my ENT Dr at my appt after the MRI?
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