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i have a bump in my soft palate and it is not painful, i have this for moths now. i am 26 yrs old female. should i worry?

Posted by diws143

9 months ago, the roof of my mouth is very itchy and later on there is a bump/swelling of my soft palate, it is not painful, the color is white. i went to ENT actually i went to 2 different ENT to check and they both said it is Aphtous Stomatis Ulcer,  they give me anti-inflammatory spray (KAMILLOSAN SPARY) and theother ENT give me a CARENOXOLONE SODIUM, and antibiotics but it did not heal! this bump still here. it will be 2 months since i went to ENT. I also have a GERD problem before, Mitral valve prolapse. Now i started to worry is this cancer? i cannot go to ENT this moment because I dont have money to pay, maybe next month. it gives me sleepless nights and i worry a lot. 

also my weight is decreasing.

pls help me... 


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