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I had my triple lumen CVC exchan ...

Posted Feb 21 2009 11:35pm
I had my triple lumen CVC exchanged for a double lumen CVC this morning and just to make things interesting, they didn't sedate me. Believe me, I feel like I've been stung in the chest by a nest full of hornets on top of being kicked by a mule. Those IV nurses certainly have a sense of humor.

My APN delivered a bit of devastating news to me today and I was not pleased. If I don't start consuming more solid food and liquid, they will not let me out on Sunday. I made the argument that being trapped in a hospital room was wreaking havoc with me psychologically and that if I were released, that they'd see improvement. They weren't having it. You try eating from the same menu for over a month and see how you do. I know my friend Nancy was in the hokey for over 80 days and I don't know how she managed it.

Yesterday, I gave the team another scare when I went for a walk and ended up back in my room with a tight chest and the absolute inability to breathe. In my defense, my hemoglobin was 6.9 and that's critical. I received a unit of blood, but I don't think it was enough. There was talk of putting me on oxygen and holding me for observation. If I have to make a shiv out of my disposable stethoscope to get out of here on Sunday, you better believe I'll figure it out.
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