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I Feel Good About It! Well ... I do! The treats are always in the tricks!

Posted Dec 30 2008 2:39pm

Yesterday afternoon I went to see my surgeon for my two week check up. It was nice to head over there, knowing nothing was wrong, and just going to get the "A-OK for now" report. Once there, I kidded around with the nurses, traded some jokes with the interns, and waited for the surgeon to see me. He came in, was his usual charming self, and we, too, traded some laughs.

Now, since we are discussing Cancer (be sure to read that with a good reverb and echo effect), we must quickly become very serious. (Getting serious... getting serious... .............. - OK, I'm ready) ...

He let me know that my radiation wound may never completely heal. (That's the wound that causes me challenges in sitting for long periods of time.) Yes, it could completely heal and probably will, but ... it may never completely heal (reverb and echo effect). OK, check. (It will heal.)

Next, we discussed the final phase of Chemotherapy, and he let me know that the Chemo may be rough and could reopen the wound. If that happened, I would have to start completely over with the healing process. Yes, the Chemo could progress without incident and probably will, but it could reopen the wound (reverb and echo effect). OK, check. (I know it will be OK.)

And, finally, after the eight weeks of Chemo, we keep checking everything for 5 years to make sure there is no recurrence of the cancer. After all that (and if the sky doesn't fall in at any point during this time ... literally) I would be declared completely healed (really good reverb and echo effect). OK, check. (I will be declared completely healed.)

Feeling a little defiant towards the medical gloom and doom dialogue I've come to know so well, I looked deep into his very serious eyes and said ... "I feel good about it"!!!
The photo below will show you a good visual of the look I received back. They really don't know what to do with me. (I like that!)

As I was telling a couple of my friends today, I learned early on that I had to disregard the gloom and doom forecasts from the doctors. They seem to focus intently on the very worst outcomes.... (They should really work on that.) Most of the awful things they told me in the beginning never happened.

Life is all about surprises, and sometimes you are handed tricks and other times you are handed treats. We may say "Trick or Treat"! But, in reality, all we want are the treats ... life isn't always about the treats. It's a balance.

Because you know by now that the last statement will eventually lead to another photo ... my good friend Eric sent me an adorable photo of he and his two daughters, Audrey and Katie, on Halloween this year. When I saw it, I asked if I could use it here, because the truth is, it reminded me that whether you get tricks or treats in life, in the end, it's all good and it's always a surprise. The treats can be found in the tricks ... you have to look for them. They are there!

Thanks Audrey and Katie for the reminder! As far as the cancer and all the rest ... I feel good about it ... Well, I do! (Reverb and echo effect)!

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