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I enjoy fixing problems

Posted Jan 11 2012 3:49pm
Just a little cold in the house this morning:  63℉  (17℃)
The furnace burners were not firing up.
I replaced the broken hot surface ignitor.
Come on baby light my fire!  The heat is back on.
On Monday, I went to work.  I replaced three bad fans in two different machines, tried to figure out why another machine would not go into low gear, and found a bad temperature switch in my Aunts clothes dryer.
Tuesday, I figured out that the machine with the low gear problem was caused by a magnetic reed switch sensor out of adjustment and I continued troubleshooting a plastic injection molding machine with erratic temperature controls. (ordered parts for that, hopefully I'll have that fixed next week)  I also discovered that on a PC when the Control and + buttons are pushed, at the same time, the screen will zoom in.  Control and - buttons to zoom out.  (With a MAC it is the Command and + or - buttons to do the zoom in, zoom out, respectively)  A friend of mine was very happy that I was able to increase the page size on his laptop computer so he could read his email.  
By Tuesday afternoon my arms were swelled up a little from all the work.
I planned on taking it easy today and just pick up my prescription refills, but our furnace broke and I had to fix that first.  It is difficult to relax in the cold.  

It is funny that one company that I worked for, years ago, did not like to use the word "problem".  They preferred that the word "issue" to be used instead.  We never had any problems there, only a lot of issues.  Ha! Ha!

I am driven by appreciation.  So when I can fix a problem and make a person happy, that is very enjoyable for me.

I hope that all your stuff is in good working order, but if not, shoot me an email and I'll see if I can help you fix that problem.  
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