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i asked this question earlier, but i dont think i was thourough enough in my description of the problem... pain in testes

Posted by amc28092

my husband was diagnosed a few weeks ago with chlamydia. he was treated for it. we believe he's had it for 10+ years. i was treated too....

for the past 4-5 years he has suffered from pain in the lower abdomen, pain in testes, complains their "tender". he claims he gets some relief after ejaculation. ejaculation causes no pain at all.

he also has pea size lumps in his scrotum.

i tried to get him to go to the dr, but he's terrified of having an anal exam.

so i told him id ask on here to see what is suggested. maybe he'll believe you all.

could u explain his problem and WHYejaculation relieves "pressure"?

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