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I am delightfully surprised at h ...

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm
I am delightfully surprised at how loyal, giving and forceful the members on the ACOR List are when they decide to pull together.

On the 29th, Evan posted a message venting his frustration at the situation he and his family found themselves in while dealing with RCC.

As the family dealt with cancer treatments causing financial problems that got them behind in their house payments, suddenly they were dealing with fighting the mortgage company as well.

The stinking mortgage company didn't give a tinker's damn about their situation and was moving forward to take the family's home. Well, that did not set well with the RCC Warriors and Caregivers who read Evan's message so, they did what they do best; they rallied together and kicked some mortgage company butt.

Read the article on Fox News and  see what happened after The RCC Fight Club went to work. It is incredible.

So, You Want to Lose Weight

If you are like most cancer fighters, you have gained weight. That's normal and to be expected, so don't beat yourself up over it. There is a very good reason for it.

While you are undergoing the treatments chances are you don't have much energy or stamina, let alone strength and, if you are lucky, you are still able to eat. That's a good thing and here's why:

When the cancer begins growing, the body marshalls all its weapons and attacks the cancer as hard as it can. After all, its job is to live as long as possible.

The human body is a miraculous machine. God-fearing people would agree it is probably God's second greatest miracle, after the miracle of creating life through birth. Those who don't believe in the Creation will agree that the body is nature's greatest wonder. Whatever the case, the body is miraculous.

After going through all the treatments science has developed to fight the cancer, it is no wonder we gain weight. HDIL-2 makes a person retain water in large amounts and so, the patient can't do much. The body needs nourishment to survive and fight off the cancer, not to mention other life-threatening things going on inside us.

We need the added supply so it can be converted to energy. Just like filling the gas tank of your car, you have to fill your energy tank every morning so you can get through the day.

When we decide to lose the extra weight, we go on a diet or fast or workout like maniacs hoping to get back down to our original size. The reason all that fails is the body's defense mechanism.

Changes like suddenly eating salads only or giving up all sorts of foods will force the body, which is already in a high defense mode to turn everything we consume to fat for future energy uses. A fat storage hold, if you will.

In addition, the body that is working out will build muscle mass. No, fat does not turn into fat. the muscles with grow to meet the demands of lifting weights or running on a treadmill or biking. They naturally have to increase in size so they can handle the increased demands we put on them.

An important rule is to avoid the scale. It doesn't tell you how much fat you are losing, nor does it tell you that you are building muscles. What you should look at is the way your clothes fit.

Are your pants getting loose? Do your shirts fit better? That is the best measurement of your progress.

In order to gain one pound of fat, the body has to take in 3500 calories. Conversely, for the body to lose one pound of fat, it must burn 3500 calories. No way will a person be able to burn that many calories in one day so, you have to spread it out over a week.

The average person needs about 2000 calories a day just to get through the day. Even sleeping burns calories. You are burning calories sitting there reading this blog.

There is a sensible way to lose weight.

MyPyramid.Gov has a system that can help you get an idea of the best way to slim down and get healthier through proper eating and exercise. All you have to do is answer some questions and it will recommend what foods you should eat and what types of exercise it thinks you should do to help you lose weight sensibly rather than through starvation diets doomed to fail.

The sensible method is to burn up 500 calories more each day than you take in. The Pyramid will tell you how many calories your lifestyle calls for so you have a guide. It will then recommend the proper foods you should eat like grains, vegetables and meats such as fish, poultry and beef with the correct amounts so you don't over do it or starve yourself.

So, it isn't what you eat. It is about what you eat. The amounts are important but they should not be the main concern.

The goal should be to drop one pound per week on the average. That would mean that if you work out six days per week, you only have to burn 500 more daily calories than you take in.

You still take in the required 2000 calories your body needs to work. All you have to do is get off the couch or out of the desk chair and get moving. MyPyramid.Gov has a page on some excellent activities you can use for losing weight.

On the left, you will see a widget with tips for healthy eating. They aren't "diet" tips that will keep you hungry. Instead, they will give you ideas of the best foods to eat and in the best amounts.

There will be more in future posts as the health and well-being of cancer patients is very, very important to this blog.
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