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How My Cancer Journey Began

Posted Apr 26 2008 12:00am

I noticed I had a lot of people view my blog since I posted it on, so I wanted to let everyone know about how my melanoma began. So, here is my story.

If you look close in the bottom picture you can see the spot on my right arm just below my sleeve.

The picture on top is my first wide local excision that was done. The second one was bigger than that with 20 stitches.

My melanoma was weird. It wasn't a mole. It felt like a cyst underneath my skin that had been there for 8-9 years and then for about a year I started getting a blue tint on top of my skin where the cyst was. I went to dermatologist to have it removed because I got tired of people asking me where I got the bruise from. The derm said at the time he took it out that it was probably just a cyst, but would send it to the lab just to be sure. 20 days later I got the call from him saying it was "minimal deviation melanoma" and that some people wouldn't even call it melanoma. He referred me to MD Anderson in Houston and they said we don't think it's melanoma and we will do our own biopsy. After they got their results back it still came back inconclusive, but they wanted to treat it like it was melanoma to be on the safe side. So I got a WLE on my arm and SNB. I knew at that point I had cancer even though they told me I didn't and somehow I knew it spread to my lymph nodes. I can't explain it, but I just knew. So, the path report came back that it was definitely melamona and it was huge and it had spread to one lymph in the neck and one under the arm. I had a second WLE to remove more tissue since it was so big and had all the nodes removed. I began Interferon treatment in August 2007.
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