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How do you thrive?

Posted Jan 07 2013 5:01am

As I get further into my thriving life, I meet more and more people who are thriving themselves.
The conversations I get to have now are less about hair and scars and tiredness, and more about new lives and gratitude and gladness. (OK, and hair. Tucking it behind my ears will never get old.)
This is wonderful, although I never forget the people who stepped on to the cancer path in the years since I did, and I am happy to help them however I can.
(I may be giving the impression that life after cancer is one long, glorious picnic. It isn’t. And I don’t much like picnics anyway; not unless they come with tables and candelabra and waiters. Thriving life entails just as much complication, frustration and grief as life before cancer, although sometimes people who are thriving after cancer can find a happier light to cast on such difficulties. Sometimes. Not all the time.)
So, I was thinking. I think it’s time for another series of guest posts. If you feel called to, please send me 300-500 words that would loosely fit under the title of ‘My Thriving Life’, at bah at-key bahtocancer dot com. I can’t guarantee to publish them here, but I probably will. Just email me. And let’s share what thriving means.

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