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how do I get answer's to my first Question?

Posted by kel

I dont know how to get answers to my question? Doe's it take a few days? MY e-mail is keljo.7@ My Q was cn a sever impact cause A tomur, or cause it to grow, rupture? I was told it was a hematom, then it was a tomor a year later. I wrecked on a motor cycle, & landed on my rite sde. Fter that I had  ahuge lump. Fter a year they did CT & removed what they said was now a tumor. now I'm fighting with ins. com. It wasnt ther befor the wreck.( unrelated to the wreck) also sinse then I have found numorus lumps the sise of golf balls in my lower back.
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ok the thing what you were talking about llumps like a golf ball in your lower aunt and my cousin had that feeling and maybe something messed up your kidney stone... usually when you go to the hospital they dont find everything out..there lazy like that or it could be that it didnt show up like it was to little. obviously whatever your experienting was something they didnt notice until now your the one who get that checked cousin had a wreck like that were he flew off of his bike going 100 miles per hour and couldnt move his whole body for about 2 1/2 Wweeks and started having kidney problems..write me back and tell me how it went or if this seems about right

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