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how can i help my mom gain weight quickly- eats very small amounts of pureed foods and has a g tube

Posted by 4mom

my mom had adenocarcinoma of the maxillary sinus area remved in may/2012 all margins were clear and they said she didn't need radiation - yesterday 8/16/12 she was told it had posibly returned and they are looking to do radiation for 7 weeks if the biopsy turns out positive -- she had reconstrucion surgery to left side of face which she is still having difficulty swallowing --she has a gtube and is  getting petamen AF - she vomits and'/or feels nauseous  and has not been able to tolerate it very well -- prior to all of this she ate healthy food--is there anything I can give her thru the g tube that can help her gain weight quickly-- she is only 85 pounds and needs extra weight to support any other treatments (she had partial stomach removed 1970's due to stomah ulcer)
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