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How can I ease the side effect of feeling tired when I have cancer treatment?

Posted by Be Well

How can I ease the side effect of feeling tired when I have cancer treatment?
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You may feel very tired after radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments, so it is important to make time to rest. The following tips may help you to manage the tiredness:

  • Plan your day.
  • Ask close friends or family members for some help with daily chores.
  • Spread out your tasks.
  • Use a wheeled shopping carrier.
  • Sit down if you use an iron.
  • Cook simple and quick meals, and prepare double portions and freeze some.
  • Childcare - do activities with your kids where you can sit down while they play.
  • Try to get the right balance of rest and exercise. Too little exercise can actually make tiredness worse - speak to your doctor or nurse about what might be suitable for you. For example, a gentle walk.
  • Talk to your employer - they may be able to help you. For example, they might get you a parking space close to your building, allow you to work flexible hours, allow you to work from home, or let you take breaks (and even lie down) at work.
  • Try to keep a normal sleep and waking routine. Don't be tempted to sleep all day as it might mean that you then can't sleep well during the night.

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